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Lolita Timofeeva

Lolita Timofeeva was born in Riga in 1964.  After studying at the technical institute, she attended the Academies of Design in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow. 

In 1991, she left her country and she moved to Italy where she began to exhibit in 1993.

Despite being far from her home country, Timofeeva has never rejected or denied her origins. Rather she has known how to re-discover and re-interpret the cultural, symbolic and moral baggage that is part of her personal history, as well as that of her nation, by creating paintings, drawings and sculptures that are balanced between reality and fable, between mythology and science. 

Her painting comes from a study and a sharing of surrealist ideals, which she develops in a completely original way, giving form to figures that have no iconographic precedents. 

Her works are populated with mythological and fantastic figures. Pieces of metal tubes and gears are often seen in her paintings, which underscore the link between the past and modernity. 

Other times, she creates realistic portraits as well as sculptures, especially in glass, with vaguely anthropomorphic shapes that evoke a subtle eroticism and springs from her in-depth study of Indian philosophy where sexuality is considered one of the roads to spirituality. 

She has participated in many important one-woman and group shows, including:  the 1997 Venice Art Biennial; the 1998 “Art&Glass” exhibition at the Het Paleis Museum in Holland; “Le Forze del Desiderio”, Casal Solleric Museum, Palma de Majorca and “Kama” at the Machenbach Contemporary Art Gallery, Arnhem, the Low Countries in 2000; and “Indoor Game” at the Latvia Museum of Foreign Art, Riga in 2001.

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