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Charlotte Hodes

She studied painting at the Slade School of Art in London.  The figurative language of her work focuses on the female figure as motif and on its connection between design and decoration. 

Charlotte Hodes often uses historical representations of the female figure which she re-examines in her paintings and sculptural works in a contemporary key. 

In particular, she finds inspiration in the study of 14th- and 18th-century decorative arts, as well as in new technologies and digital patterns. 

Specifically, her work is centered on a contemporary approach to collage.  The artist combines a traditional technique that requires the use of scissors and glue with a more modern one that uses a computer. For her collages, Hodes has experimented with many different types of supports, from clay to glass to canvas.

The central theme in her works is the depiction of the female figure, which she associates with other decorative and ornamental elements, tied to the taste, world and sensitivity of women. 

An artistic research that through the juxtaposition of historical and contemporary references and of new and traditional techniques describes women’s history. 

Among her most recent exhibitions are: “Cartoon, Collage and the Decorative Motif” at the Eagle Gallery in London, 2006; “Cacophony-A Cabinet of Vases” at the Design Now Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, 2002; “Fragmented Histories”, at the Galerie 88 in Kolkata, India; and “Painting, Prints, Ceramics” in Benuni, Leighton and Paisner, London, 2001.

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