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Berengo Studio Taking Part in European Glass Context 2012 From 15 September to 18 November 2012 at Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gård [...]
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Berengo Studio

Berengo Studio represents one of the more innovative efforts to encourage the use of glass as an expression of contemporary artistic requirements. 

During the 1980s and 1990s, the studio's founder, Adriano Berengo, invited the early artists to use glass in their artistic experiments.  As a result of  their collaborations with master glass-makers, many artists began to translate their - generally pictorial - works into glass sculptures. 

Berengo Studio's project is striving to free glass from its perception as simply a functional material and Murano glass's prevalently decorative tradition and to make glass a vibrant medium for use in contemporary art. 

For almost twenty years, more than 140 international artists have come to the Berengo furnace to create glass sculptures and have contributed to making this ambitious project real. 

With galleries in Venice, Murano and Tokyo, Berengo Studio today boasts of its works being found in numerous public and private collections throughout the world.  

Recently, an old, early 20th-century glass furnace on Murano has regained importance after many years of disuse; the structure has been transformed into an exhibition space to display all the prototypes carried out by Berengo Studio over the years as well as glass works created in other parts of the world. 

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